Michael S. Jenkins Personal Seminars

I have been a professional trader and market technician for over 40 years and have traded just about every market and commodity on the organized exchanges. My Personal Seminars are  9 am to 5 pm, all day one, or two day events held in New York City and in them I teach you just about everything I have learned over these past decades including the 'secret' Gann material never put into print nor published. These are usually 'one on one' or face to face meetings with just you and I so you get the best personal advice and can explore any questions or techniques you need to learn. I can also tailor the material to your needs for specific stock, commodity or currency markets. These seminars need to be scheduled since I am a full time trader and often my calendar gets booked up well in advance and I am considering retiring from these very labor intensive and physically exhaustive events at some time in the not too distant future so if you want to experience this great opportunity please contact me for more specific details (mjenkins@Stockcyclesforecast.com). In general the cost is $5,000 US for the one day seminar and $6,500 US for the two day. I do give discounts for multi-person participation and once a month I usually have a 'multi-public' general trading seminar for less advanced students at a much lower price ( see below). These various seminars are discussed below.


The W.D. Gann 'Secret' Astro Course and Trading Methods ($5,000-$6,500)

This seminar is for advanced students who on average have been professionally trading for 5 or more years and have taken just about every other seminar on the planet but have come up short of understanding the real secret teachings and principles behind the market movements and the Gann use of astrology for forecasting. This is the seminar that everyone wants to attend but many are not qualified so you will have to answer a  few questions for me before coming and you will have to sign a non- disclosure form stating that this will only be used for your personal trading and cannot ever be shared, taught or shown to anyone else. You will need to know some basic astrological concepts before coming like the names of the planets, their orbital periods, and terms like Geo, Helio, Declination, Latitude, Longitude, Ascendant and MidHeaven. You will also have to read before coming my 'Secret Science' book at a minimum to be able to understand arcs, square roots, the Square of Nine, and ratios as well as other very simple technical analysis methods shown in my books. This seminar will teach you how Gann could buy or sell on a given date with a stop and never fear being stopped out until a terminal top was made sometime in the future. You can use this principle on any time frame and you will also be taught several intra-day methods to get many turns to the minute each day. You will be shown natural cycles that are extremely accurate for reversing the market at least one day every week for swing trades, and you will be taught how to convert planets into prices that will appear as final high and low prices on stocks and indexes on given dates. You will be taught techniques to get both the dates of highs and lows and the prices hit on those dates and techniques to determine when rapid big moves will take place for option or leveraged trades. In short you will learn and understand exactly what causes the market to move and how to determine when it will come around again to reverse and at what price. When you leave there will be no doubt in your mind what causes the market movements and how to keep track of them.


Professional Day Trading - Learning how to Trade ($5,000-$6,500)

This seminar is for both very advanced, experienced traders as well as those starting out and its aim is to teach you how to become profitable each and every day trading. It does not cover the esoteric astro methods and advanced forecasting but does teach very advanced concepts of projections, chart reading, time cycles deriving from the geometry of the chart pattern and strategies. On intra-day charts I will show you techniques to forecast the probable targets for end moves from any starting point and where the exact support and resistance will be found on each specific stock or commodity. I also teach the advanced tools in my books like the 'Box' Method, 'Secret Angle  Method', natural ratios, eighth expansions and doubling frequencies as well as scaling techniques for any chart. Key angle techniques are shown that both project future targets and keep you in the trade for long swings and placements of stops. All the key principles of all my books and courses are explained with real life examples and by the end of the day you should have eliminated 90% of your trading mistakes just by knowing the exact place to buy or sell and the key time period each day. This is 40 years of professional experience that cost me many millions of dollars of losses to learn the hard way and you can acquire this in an afternoon and bring home a book of examples and methods that will last your lifetime. This kind of teaching experience is priceless and quite a number of my former students have gone on to become well known multi- millionaires after learning my techniques.


Once a Month Public Introduction to Day Trading and Chart Reading ($2,500)

These are introductory courses which by the end of the day have evolved into quite advanced  techniques  and concepts, that will allow you to become an accomplished trader and have the confidence to look at any chart of anything and know without doubt-  1) what is the trend  2) how long is that trend likely to last, and   3) what are the most likely target prices.  You will also learn stop out strategies and see a great many of the techniques in my books demonstrated. The difference in this seminar as opposed to the more advanced ones are the hours spent on basic chart interpretation and the use of the more basic concepts like arcs, square roots, angles, scaling, volume, basic cycles and a host of basic concepts that you need to get acquainted with to evolve to the higher levels of understanding behind the markets movements. You can still come out of this seminar and make a lot of money but you will not learn the very advanced techniques of long term forecasting and cycles taught in the other seminars. This will also be a 'public' forum so my attention to your specific needs will be dependent on the size of the audience. I usually set aside one weekend a month for these if I am in town and available so I need an email from you if you are interested and are going to be in New York on a given date and I can set up one with the other inquiries I have.


If you have questions or inquiries please contact me at  mjenkins@stockcyclesforecast.com and I can send you additional information and any updates on availability.

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